We help families find their missing loved ones

We all hope never to be in a situation where one of our loved ones is gone missing. It is a shocking experience that instantly shifts your priorities. Everything you thought was important fades to the background. Finding that person or finding closure is the only thing that counts. You want to rely on a partner that is as determined as you and leaves no stone unturned. And more importantly, that knows which stones to turn first.

We help organisations be more successful in Search & Rescue

Too many Search & Rescue projects do not deliver satisfying results, either because the intelligence is falling short or the technology is not suitable for the search. We partner with local organisations, providing the thorough analysis that leads to better decision making and focus and applying the smart technology that is needed to effectively locate and retrieve the search object.


Rescue International assists in search for aircraft
and missing children in Colombian jungle

Rescue International succeeded in defining the exact search area for the missing aircraft HK2803 in Colombia. Now the analysis focuses on ground-search in order to find the 4 missing children. Leave no one behind!

Rescue International’s analysis, used in the search for the crashed aircraft – May 10, 2023

The actual location where the crashed aircraft was found – May 16, 2023

The search for the missing children continues, using Rescue International’s search and rescue
intelligence – May 17, 2023

Dutch news coverage (RTL) – May 18, 2023

Dutch news coverage (NPO) – May 18, 2023

Dutch news coverage (NOS) – May 18, 2023

Search and Rescue Intelligence

To conduct a successful Search & Rescue project, you cannot leave anything to chance. In fact, success is the result of getting everything right. Our projects are based on these three pillars:


We gather all available data from multiple sources, and translate this into actionable insights.

With advanced analysis tools, we are able to effectively assess different scenarios, so we can narrow down the search area and identify the best course of action.


Leaving no stone unturned also means that we don’t allow limitations of technology to impede our search efforts.

Quite the opposite is true; for every search, we apply state-of-the-art equipment, that will elevate our chances of success.


Guided by the outcomes of our
analysis, we can make informed decisions when we organise the actual search action.

Depending on location, we partner with the right organisations, select the most suitable equipment and
form a team of committed experts and volunteers that get the job done.

Why partner with us?

Focused Intelligence

We think before we act. And then we think some more. Making smart use of all the data and tools at our disposal, we thoroughly analyse the situation at hand to acquire actionable knowledge. And although our extensive experience informsour intuition, it’s the intelligence that guides us.

Assertive Determination

In Search & Rescue, time is always critical. So we go at it with fierce dedication. Never losing sight of our objective, we do whatever is necessary to get closer to the truth. We are here to find answers and we won’t stop until we have found them.

Trusted Collaboration

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

We are confident – stubborn even – but we are well aware that we need to cooperate to get the job done. We know how to align the different stakeholders with the common goal. And we always honour the vulnerable trust that is placed in us by our clients. Their reassurance or closure is what we’re in this for.

Humberto Hinestrosa
Director Rescue International
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