Colombia, 2023

Operacion Esperanza

On 01MAY2023 the HK2807 went missing in one of the most remote and dense jungles in Colombia.

After 08 days of struggling to find the aircraft, our team gets into the case delivering crucial intelligence that led to the finding of the missing aircraft HK2803 and later the search strategies that led to the finding for the 4 missing children on-board the aircraft.

Commander of the search general Pedro Sanchez and commander of the Colombian special operations command, confirms they have followed step by step all the analysis and recommendations produced by our team.

British Islands, 2019


In January 2019, the Piper N264DB flying from Nantes to Cardiff with a promising Argentine football talent went missing 22nmi of Guernsey. In moments of high uncertainty for his family, our team played an instrumental role in providing answers to them, delimiting the search area and backtracking the evidence found in the French coast.

After a thorough search operation, the wreckage of the aircraft was found in the designated area and his body recovered.

Argentina, 2018

ARA San Juan Submarine

On November 2016 the military submarine San Juan went missing in Argentinean waters. 10 months later our team gets involved.

Days before its finding, and while the 'Ocean Infinity' was surveying different Points of Interest in the area, our analysis was sent to the head of the national assembly commission created for that purpose; we delimited a narrow area of 2,63sqnmi.

Following days and the last day of survey the Ocean Infinity surveys our designated area, the submarine was found there at almost 900m deep exactly one year after it went missing.